London booster vaccinations by borough revealed: 5 areas make up UK’s least triple-jabbed areas

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London booster vaccinations by borough revealed: 5 areas make up UK’s least triple-jabbed areas

Five boroughs in London comprise the UK’s least booster jabbed areas, Evening Standard analysis reveals.

Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney have administered the lowest number of booster vaccine doses nationwide - with less than 20 per cent of residents receiving a third shot in each.

The figures highlight the scale of the challenge faced by NHS staff and public health officials in the capital as it battles a huge wave of Omicron infections. On Thursday, the Standard reported how more than two-thirds of Covid cases in London are estimated to be the highly transmissible new variant.

Ministers have ramped up the booster campaign in a bid to prevent infections from overwhelming the health service over the festive period, with scientists emphasising the importance of a third dose in providing protection against the new strain.

The latest government figures reveal that just 15.6 per cent of residents in Tower Hamlets aged 12 and over had been given their third dose - the lowest figure in the country. Newham and Hackney are not far behind on 17 per cent and 19.1 per cent respectively.

The boroughs of Barking and Dagenham (20.2 per cent) and Hammersmith and Fulham (21.1 per cent) complete the top five.

Worryingly, a significant proportion of the elderly population in Tower Hamlets is yet to receive their third dose. Around a third of those aged 70 and over had not had a booster jab as of December 14, while just 50 per cent of those aged 60 to 64 were triple jabbed.

The figures also lay bare the stark difference in vaccination rates across the capital. Richmond upon Thames has given a booster jab to 40.8 per cent of its population - nearly three times the rate of Tower Hamlets.

London continues to lag behind the rest of the country on vaccination, with just 61.4 per cent of the capital double-vaccinated and 26.7 per cent booster jabbed.

In the South West of England, the country’s most vaccinated region, 79.1 per cent of residents are double-jabbed and 43.8 per cent have received their booster.

A vaccination centre in Stratford, which lies in the borough of Newham (Getty Images)
A vaccination centre in Stratford, which lies in the borough of Newham (Getty Images)

Omicron has already become the dominant variant of the virus in the capital, with many of London’s least vaccinated boroughs experiencing a surge in infections in the past week.

Tower Hamlets saw its number of Covid cases rise by 60.3 per cent in the seven days up until December 10, while Newham saw a rise of 44.5 per cent during the same period.

On the whole, London saw its infection rate surge to an 11-month high in the week up to December 12 with a case rate of 702.8 per 100,000 people. This is up sharply from 475.8 the previous week and is the highest rate for the capital since the week to January 10, when the country was in lockdown.

However, the past week has seen a huge increase in the number of people coming forward to get their booster jab after Boris Johnson announced an unprecedented expansion of the vaccination campaign. All over-18s can now book an appointment for their third dose or visit a walk-in centre.

A record 745,183 booster doses were reported in the UK on Wednesday, according to figures published by the UK’s four health agencies.

More than 86,000 boosters and third doses were administered in London, bringing the total in the capital to 2,561,864.

The daily figures bring the Government closer to its target of offering a booster to a million Britons a day by the New Year in a bid to prevent a surge in hospitalisations sparked by the Omicron variant.

Professor Chris Whitty told the Commons Health and Social Care Committee that he believes the Omicron wave will “peak quite fast” but did not rule out the prospect of harsher measures should the health service come under pressure.

He said if vaccines are less effective than expected, that would be a “material change to how ministers viewed the risks going forward”.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on Wednesday urged Londoners to come forward for their third jab, tweeting: “Getting your booster shot ASAP is vital to protecting yourself against the new Omicron variant. If you can’t get an appointment, search for your closest walk-in centre.”

The figures for London’s vaccination rates show:

Barking - 20.2 per cent booster jabbed, 56.1 per cent double jabbed

Barnet - 32.8 per cent booster jabbed, 64.4 per cent double jabbed

Bexley - 35.7 per cent booster jabbed, 73 per cent double jabbed

Brent - 22.4 per cent booster jabbed, 55.9 per cent double jabbed

Bromley - 39.3 per cent booster jabbed, 74.8 per cent double jabbed

Camden - 24 per cent booster jabbed, 55.8 per cent double jabbed

Croydon - 27.2 per cent booster jabbed, 61.4 per cent double jabbed

Ealing - 25.2 per cent booster jabbed, 60.4 per cent double jabbed

Enfield - 31.2 per cent booster jabbed, 61.2 per cent double jabbed

Greenwich -27.2 per cent booster jabbed, 63 per cent double jabbed

Hackney & City of London -19.1 per cent booster jabbed, 56.5 per cent double jabbed

Hammersmith -21.1 per cent booster jabbed, 55.6 per cent double jabbed

Haringey -23.1 per cent booster jabbed, 57.1 per cent double jabbed

Harrow -35.7 per cent booster jabbed, 64.6 per cent double jabbed

Havering -38.2 per cent booster jabbed, 72 per cent double jabbed

Hillingdon -31.9 per cent booster jabbed, 66.6 per cent double jabbed

Hounslow -26.6 per cent booster jabbed, 62.4 per cent double jabbed

Islington -22.1 per cent booster jabbed, 57.4 per cent double jabbed

Kensington -24.9 per cent booster jabbed, 54.1 per cent double jabbed

Kingston -36.3 per cent booster jabbed, 69.2 per cent double jabbed

Lambeth -23.1 per cent booster jabbed, 59.2 per cent double jabbed

Lewisham -25.4 per cent booster jabbed, 60.4 per cent double jabbed

Merton -29.7 per cent booster jabbed, 64.3 per cent double jabbed

Newham -17 per cent booster jabbed, 53.6 per cent double jabbed

Redbridge -26.4 per cent booster jabbed, 62.9 per cent double jabbed

Richmond upon Thames -40.8 per cent booster jabbed, 71.3 per cent double jabbed

Southwark -23.8 per cent booster jabbed, 59.3 per cent double jabbed

Sutton -36.7 per cent booster jabbed, 73.2 per cent double jabbed

Tower Hamlets -15.6 per cent booster jabbed, 58.2 per cent double jabbed

Waltham Forest -24.1 per cent booster jabbed, 59 per cent double jabbed

Wandsworth -25.2 per cent booster jabbed, 63 per cent double jabbed

Westminster -21.7 per cent booster jabbed, 53.4 per cent double jabbed

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