London boss gives ALL staff the day off on Monday so they go shopping or go to the pub

Luke O'Reilly
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<p>Pubs will reopen on April 12</p> (AP)

Pubs will reopen on April 12


A London marketing boss has given all of his staff the day off on Monday to enjoy the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Verb Brands chief executive Chris Donnelly, 30, said he hopes his staff will use the time to visit family, drink in the pub, and go shopping.

Mr Donnelly told the MailOnline that he wanted to give the economy a boost.

If any of his staff insist on coming in they will be told to go home, he said.

"It has been a horrid time for so many people across so many sectors”, the businessman said.

"The pubs and shops are opening up after months and I just want employees to know how much they are appreciated and to enjoy this day for themselves, not spend it sat in the office.

"Landlords and high street retailers need a boost too so I'm happy for my lot to spend the day supporting these businesses.”

However, Mr Donnelly added that his staff are not obliged to go out.

"And if they want to spend the day in bed - then good for them”, he said.

Staff will be told to go to the pub or go shoppingGetty Images
Staff will be told to go to the pub or go shoppingGetty Images

From Monday April 12 shops, hairdressers, nail salons, libraries and outdoor hospitality venues such as beer gardens will be allowed to reopen across England.

Most outdoor attractions, such as zoos and theme parks, can reopen as well, although mixing inside will still be banned.

Indoor leisure facilities such as gyms and swimming pools will also be opened but for use by people on their own or in household groups.

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