London Bus Stops Trial E-paper Passenger Information Displays

Transport for London is trialling e-paper displays on bus stops throughout the capital city.

The technology is similar to that used in Amazon’s Kindle e-book readers.

The screens are roughly the same size as a conventional bus stop sign and feature various chunks of useful travel information including route maps and timetables, as well as how long before the next bus arrives.

Featuring three buttons for illuminating the display and for switching pages, the screens show real-time travel information sent over a 3G connection.

The advantage of using e-paper displays is that they use less power than conventional LCD screens.

The e-paper displays are easier to read in bright sunlight (BBC)

Powered by eco-friendly solar panels, the screens are also less reflective and easier to read in bright daylight than LCDs.

The tech has so far only been fitted in one location - at Waterloo Bridge - with three more bus stops at Parliament Square, Piccadilly Circus and Sloane Square due to be fitted in the new year.

If successful, it’s expected that the tech will be rolled out to more locations but TFL has not confirmed whether all 19,500 of London’s bus stops will eventually be upgraded.

Image credit: Engadget & BBC