London bus strike: When is walkout and which routes are affected?

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In a week blighted by transport strikes, some London buses will also grind to a halt as workers stage a 48-hour walkout.

Around 1,600 bus drivers who are members of the Unite union and employees of London United are involved in the industrial action.

But when are the strikes and which routes are affected? Here’s what we know so far.

When are the bus strikes?

London bus services will be disrupted on two days: Friday 19 and Saturday 20 August.

Which bus routes are affected?

Services will be disrupted in west and south west London and parts of Surrey on both days.

There will be impact on the following routes:


33, 65, 71, 85, 281, 290, 371, 481, 671, 681, K3, N33 and N65


110, 111, 117, 203, 419, E1, H22, H32, H37 and H98

Hounslow Heath

105, 116, 216, 400, 411, 423, 635, 663, 696, 697, KU1, KU2 and KU3

Park Royal

18, 220, 223, 224, 258, 266, 440, N18 and N266.

Shepherd’s Bush

49, 70, 72, 94, 148, C1 and N72

Stamford Brook

9, 211, 272, 283, E3, H91 and N9


265, 293, 404, 406, 418, 465, 467, 470, 613, 662, 665, K1, K2, K4, K5 and S3

No Night Bus services will run on any of the above routes.

Why are workers striking?

Over pay. Unite has said workers have been offered a pay increase of 3.6 per cent in 2022 and 4.2 per cent in 2023, which it claims is a pay cut in real terms because of inflation.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “The workers’ parent company RATP is fabulously wealthy and it can fully afford to pay our members a decent wage increase.

“Unite’s members play a crucial role in keeping London moving and they are not going to accept seeing their pay constantly eroded.

“Unite does what it says on the trade union tin and always defends the jobs, pay, and conditions of its members.

“Our members at London United will receive the union’s complete support until this dispute is resolved and a fair pay offer secured.”