London Film and Comic Con 2022: what do you need to know?

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 (Courtesy of Netflix)
(Courtesy of Netflix)

Wouldn’t it be a shame if London only had one geek event to enjoy a year?

Fortunately, there are several. In addition to MCM Comic Con, which runs in May and October, London Film and Comic Con is about to start – and with it, the chance of seeing your favourite TV and film actors (kind of) out in the wild.

But what is it – and who’s going to be there? Here’s our low-down on the weekend, which begins today.

What is it?

Promising to bring “some of your favourite stars from TV, film and comics”, London Film and Comic Con is primarily a chance for the devoted fans of cult TV shows and films to meet their heroes and collect their autographs.

Held between July 8 to 10 at Kensington Olympia, it’s a geek fest of epic proportions.

However, the casual browser will find more to enjoy. Alongside photo shoots and stalls full of merchandise, there are also panels, talks, cosplay and YALC - the UK’s largest young adult literary convention. More on that below.

Who’s going?

This year’s attendees include Stranger Things’ David Harbour and Joseph Quinn, Andy Serkis, Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill as well as Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd and Robert Englund, the actor who played Freddie Kruger in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

What’s YALC?

YALC was set up in 2013 by then-Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman and is still going strong.

The weekend’s events are based around author panels and workshops aiming to help people write their own fiction – including a session on Dream Journals and one on writing as a duo. There’s even an agent’s arena where you can pitch the book you’ve been working on in hopes of a deal.

Fortunately, the event is also choc-a-bloc with people who have gone on to do it themselves: young adult authors Cassandra Clare, Holly Bourne, Bryony Gordon, Juno Dawson and Samantha Shannon will be attending this year.

And autograph fans, don’t worry. You can also get your books signed here – and you don’t have to pay, just queue.

However, there is a catch: tickets for YALC and London Film and Comic-Con need to be bought separately.

What are the main events?

Pick your poison. Alongside booking tickets to meet your heroes (and getting their autographs) there are loads of things to get stuck into.

On Friday, the highlights include talks by Robert Eglund and Sean Macguire, alongside a cosplay Q&A with legendary cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha and a talk on the Comics Stage on drawing for movies.

On Saturday, there’ll be a talk on hobbits from Lord of the Rings stalwarts Sylvester McCoy and Graham McTavish, and Quinn will tell the audience about some of Stranger Things’ props.

On the comics stage, there’ll be a session on how to draw Star Wars characters, while over on the cosplay stage Yaya Han will lead a talk on Cosplay as a Business.

On Sunday, kick things off with a Die Hard talk on the main stage, a talk by Julian Glover and then one with Alex Kingston. If you’re into DC, the main stage will also be hosting a feature called “Into the Arrowverse” featuring the star of TV show Arrow, Stephen Amell… and there’ll even be the opportunity to get a photoshoot in front of the Tardis.

If you’re looking more to get stuck into the literary side of things, then YALC has just as much to enjoy.

On Friday, panels include “I’m only me when I’m with you” (an exploration of YA friendships), “Working on the building” (about worldbuilding) and “Earth day every day” (on highlighting big issues through literature) alongside workshops and the Agent’s Arena.

On Saturday, explore the issue of BookTok and fantasy YA fiction at the panels, join a workshop on Tarot cards and head to the Agent’s Arena for talks including one on writing queer characters and finding writing support networks.

On Sunday, there’ll be panels on writing royals, prioritising mental health and getting witchy. If you’re more into workshops, there are ones on writing songs as a creative outlet and writing from your own experiences – and the Agent’s Arena has a panel on working in publishing.

How do I get tickets?

That’s easy: get them here. London Film & Comic Con 2022 | Eventbrite

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