London is installing extra cameras for 2021’s expanded ULEZ

Richard Aucock
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London ULEZ and Congestion Charge logo on road sign
London ULEZ and Congestion Charge logo on road sign

Transport for London has begun installing 750 additional cameras to monitor motorists’ compliance with the extended Ultra Low Emission Zone which goes live in October 2021.

The 750 extra cameras will be in addition to the 650 cameras that already check for compliance with the current ULEZ Zone, which covers the same area as the London Congestion Charge zone.

The extended ULEZ will go far beyond this, reaching the North and South Circular.

This is 18 times larger than the current ULEZ – however, TfL officials say only 750 extra cameras are needed, thanks to smarter use of the monitoring tech.

Cameras will be prioritised at locations already used to monitor traffic, using existing lamp posts and traffic lights.

Tech company Siemens is building the cameras at its factory in Poole, Dorset.

Busy London road by evening
Busy London road by evening

ULEZ schemes, says TfL, will reduce NOx emissions from road transport by 30 percent.

The central ULEZ has already cut roadside NOx by 44 percent – and although only 39 percent of cars complied in early 2017, more than 80 percent of cars are compliant (and therefore free to enter) today.

Surprisingly, this 80 percent compliance rate is expected to carry over to the extended scheme by October 2021, says TfL.

A £48m ULEZ scrappage scheme for those on low incomes, disabled motorists, small businesses and charities is expected to help here.

Up to £2,000 is available to take dirty older cars off the road, and £1,000 for motorcycles – and £12m has already been given out.

“The Ultra Low Emission Zone is the centre piece of our plans to clean up London’s air” said Shirley Rodrigues, deputy mayor for the environment.

“We have the boldest plans of any city on the planet and the ULEZ is exceeding expectations.”


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