London’s highest petrol prices revealed amid fuel price hike warning

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Petrol prices have exceeded £2.50 a litre at one London filling station (PA Archive)
Petrol prices have exceeded £2.50 a litre at one London filling station (PA Archive)

London’s most expensive petrol prices remain high at 186.9p per litre amid warnings fuel prices could rise again.

Members of Opec+, a group that includes Saudi Arabia and Russia, have said they would reduce oil production by two million barrels per day in a bid to stabilise falling prices.

But the RAC motoring group said the reduction would mean drivers have to pay more at the pump.

The price hike warning comes as prices in London have steadily fallen in recent months from an all-time high of £2.50p per litre for unleaded petrol in June.

The latest data from PetrolPrices shows the average unleaded price in England has fallen from a peak of 186.2p per litre in July, to 161.3p per litre, in the first week of October.

The same goes for diesel, with the average price in England dropping from 195.4p per litre in July to 179.7 in October.

Prices remain high in London, which had an average unleaded price of 161.3p per litre in October and an average diesel price of 187.4p per litre.

That’s a big reduction from a petrol station in Chelsea charging an astounding £2.50p per litre in June, making it the most expensive place to fill up in London at the time.

The highest price recorded on October 10 for unleaded petrol was 186.9p per litre, spotted in the postcode areas NW and TW, which include Kensington and Chelsea, Camden, Barnet and Twickenham, Hounslow and Richmond respectively.

The lowest price, at 161.9p per litre, was recorded in a number of postcode areas - DA, N2, N4, N7, W4, W5 and W7. These areas include Dartford, Haringey, Chiswick and Ealing.

PetrolPrices provided the Evening Standard with the highest and lowest prices across London as of October 10.

Maximum London petrol prices:

Postcode Price/litre

BR 165.9p

CR 171p

DA 161.9p

E1 165.9p

E2 164.9p

E3 163.9p

E4 176.9p

E5 169.9p

E8 165.9p

EC 165.9p

EN 167.9p

HA 169.9p

IG 162.9p

KT 164.9p

N1 163.9p

N2 161.9p

N4 161.9p

N6 162.9p

N7 161.9p

N8 162.9p

NW 186.9p

RM 165.9p

SE 163.9p

SM 176.9p

SW 168.9p

TN 164.9p

TW 186.9p

UB 169.9p

W1 167.9p

W3 169.9p

W4 161.9p

W5 161.9p

W6 163.9p

W7 163.9p