London’s highest petrol prices revealed, and in what postcode, as cost of fuel jumps again

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Petrol prices have exceeded £2.50 a litre at one London filling station (PA Archive)
Petrol prices have exceeded £2.50 a litre at one London filling station (PA Archive)

A petrol station in Chelsea is charging an astounding £2.50 per litre for unleaded petrol - making it the most expensive place to fill up in London.

The astronomical price is a reflection of petrol prices across the country reaching record-breaking highs, with the cost of filling up an average 55-litre family car with petrol now setting Brits back more than £100.

Fuel prices jumped more than 1p a litre on Tuesday to yet more record highs and appear to be heading “inexorably” to the £2 mark.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Petrol is now 186.59p and diesel 192.48p making full fill-ups cost nearly £103 and almost £106 respectively.

“New records in the average price of petrol have been set every day for the last month with a litre rising 21p which has added more than £11 to a tank.

“RAC analysis of the cost of wholesale diesel shows it appears to be heading inexorably towards a previously unthinkable average of £2 a litre. Unfortunately, it has already crossed this threshold at motorway services. So far this month diesel has increased by 10p a litre while unleaded has jumped by a shocking 12.5p.

“Wholesale petrol price data indicates pump prices should begin to slow but they are still likely to progress towards 189p in the meantime.”

The highest price for unleaded petrol in London is now 249.9p per litre, the latest data from PetrolPrices reveals.

The expensive price was recorded in the SW postcode - which includes parts of Chelsea, South Kesington and Earls Court.

The Evening Standard spotted one petrol station on Chelsea’s Sloane Avenue charging almost £2.51p per litre - 250.9p - for every litre of unleaded petrol on Tuesday.

Staff at Chelsea Cloisters 24hr petrol station and shop said they could not comment but admitted the price was very high.

Some customers have complained in recent weeks, but there hasn’t been any noticeable decrease in sales, the Evening Standard was told.

One customer filling up on Tuesday said prices at the petrol station were “ridiculous” but she lives nearby and uses the station out of convenience.

She said she justifies using the gas station because she doesn’t drive her car often.

Another customer told the Evening Standard that he would never fill up at the petrol station, and was simply stopping for a drink. He said he fills up his car closer to home.

The second highest price for petrol in London - 202.9p per litre - was spotted in postcode area TW, which includes Twickenham, Hounslow and Richmond, according to PetrolPrices.

The lowest price, at 168.7p per litre, was found in the postcode area of W5, which includes Ealing.

PetrolPrices provided the Evening Standard with the highest and lowest prices across London from June 8 to June 14.

Fuel prices are rising across the world, with a number of reasons all combining to cause the hikes.

One of the key reasons fuel prices are rising so high is because they are more in demand, as companies cut ties with Russia following the invasion of Ukraine in February.

Despite oil and fuel prices being high prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, the war has exacerbated the situation, with Russia being one of the world’s largest crude oil exporters, second only to Saudi Arabia.

Across the UK the average price for unleaded has risen from 117.19p per litre  to 187.93p per litre in just 18 months, PetrolPrices said.

Prices remained relatively stable until the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the group said, and now there is a “worrying expectation” that more increases are on the horizon.

The highest jump in prices for unleaded in the past year has been in Northern Ireland, where the increase is more than 7p per litre higher than in South West England.

“This surge in the price of fuel has translated to spending around £25 more to fill your car. There are regional differences, but the cost of Unleaded and Diesel at the forecourt will cause challenges wherever you live,” PetrolPrices said.

Maximum London petrol prices:

Postcode Price/litre

BR 197.9p

CR 189.7p

DA 189.9p

E1 198.0p

E2 184.9p

E3 195.9p

E4 188.9p

E5 194.9p

E6 187.9p

E7 193.9p

E8 192.9p

EC 189.9p

EN 188.9p

HA 197.9p

IG 190.9p

KT 189.9p

N1 189.9p

N2 189.9p

N4 189.0p

N6 187.9p

N7 185.9p

N8 187.9p

N9 189.9p

NW 198.9p

RM 199.9p

SE 197.9p

SM 189.9p

SW 249.9p

TN 188.9p

TW 202.9p

UB 198.0p

W1 195.9p

W2 187.9p

W3 189.9p

W4 187.9p

W5 185.9p

W6 191.9p

W7 186.9p

W9 185.9p

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