London protest weekend: Hundreds gather at BBC in 'Freedom to Dance' demo

In the latest of a number of protests to happen or be expected in London this weekend, hundreds of ravers gathered outside the BBC’s HQ for a ‘Freedom to Dance’ demonstration. Organisers of the Sunday (27 June) rally complain that the UK’s restrictions on nightlife and music events during the pandemic, have devastated a vast industry. They are concerned that plans to reopen the UK fully in a few weeks might be postponed, or reversed later, as has happened in the past. DJs are performing at the event, which has drawn large crowds. The BBC’s central London headquarters has become a common gathering point for protests in London since the broadcaster moved most of its staff there between 2012 and 2013. That is thanks to its convenient location, the ability to gather without causing major disruption, and the hope any protest might influence or appear in BBC coverage.