London responsible for a third of all e-scooter collisions nationally in past year, new data reveals

An e-scooter rider is spoken to by a police officer  (PA Archive)
An e-scooter rider is spoken to by a police officer (PA Archive)

A third of all e-scooter collisions nationally in the past year occurred in the capital, according to new data.

The stats released on Thursday also reveal that 12 people were killed nationally in e-scooter collisions in the year to June 2022, one of whom was a pedestrian. The others were e-scooter riders.

At least two others have died in London since, including a 53-year-old man killed in a collision in Brixton, and a teenager killed when he collided with a tram in Croydon while using an e-scooter.

The Department for Transport figures show around a third of all 1,349 collisions were reported in London, with 469 collisions across the areas covered by the Met and in the City of London.

This is significantly more than road collisions as a whole, where London accounts for about a fifth of all collisions.

However, the data warns that many non-fatal collisions are not reported to police, meaning this is likely a significant undercount.

“Non-fatal casualties for e-scooter users are amongst the most likely to be under-reported in road casualty data since they have no obligation to inform the police of collisions,” it states.

The most common injuries sustained in e-scooter collisions are all considered slight, it adds, such as shallow cuts, bruising or sprains and strains.

Ten London boroughs are taking part in a Government-backed trial of e-scooters, while the use of private e-scooters on public roads remains illegal. 30 areas across the country are also on the e-scooter trial.

However, Scotland Yard does not record whether the e-scooter involved in a collision was part of the trial or not in the majority of cases, states the report.

The trial involving e-scooter operators Tier, Lime and Dott will continue until September 2023. It had been due to last until November.