London tower block fire: This is how to get a free home fire safety visit

Residents who are concerned about fire safety following the blaze at the Grenfell Tower block in London can arrange a free home visit from the fire brigade.

Fire brigades across the country offer home visits, where firefighters offer safety advice on minimising the risk of a blaze in the property.

The Metropolitan Police have said that six people are confirmed dead in the Grenfell Tower fire but that they expect that figure to rise.

In London, residents can book a free visit from members of the London Fire Brigade by contacting them online or by telephone.

The fire brigade in the capital says: ‘We want to stop fires from happening and you are far less likely to have a fire in your home if you have received a home fire safety visit. That is why we offer them free, to help make you safer.

‘Even a small fire in your home can lead to substantial damage, which could be expensive to repair and leave you unable to stay in your property for a number of weeks.’

The London Fire Brigade offers free home safety visits (Picture: Rex)

In a visit, firefighters offer residents bespoke advice tailored to their household and lifestyle, in order to minimise the risk of a fire.

Fire brigade staff may suggest moving furniture if they identify it as a potential fire hazard.

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Firefighters may also fit free smoke alarms during an assessment.

Residents can book a visit any day of the week at a time that is convenient. A first-time visit is allocated up to 90 minutes, but an assessment takes as long as necessary, the London Fire Brigade says.

A number of people have died in the Grenfell Tower blaze (Picture: Rex)

If you are worried about a neighbour or relative who may have an increased risk of fire in their home, who is less able to react or has a reduced ability to escape in the occurrence of a fire, the fire brigade says you should encourage them to book a visit.

These may include factors such as being a smoker, a hoarder, having an alcohol dependency or suffering from mobility issues.

The Grenfell Tower before the blaze (Picture: ITV News)

To book a free home fire safety visit in London, go online or call 0800 028 44 28.

For urgent, out-of-hours referrals, please contact 0208 555 1200 and inform the switchboard you need to book a home fire safety visit.