London to be warmer than Madrid at weekend but capital set for rain showers

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Hollow Ponds in Epping Forest (PA Wire)
Hollow Ponds in Epping Forest (PA Wire)

London will be warmer than Madrid through parts of the weekend but the capital is also set for rain.

Temperatures could reach up as high as 18 degrees on Saturday, the Met Office predicts, which is comfortably higher than Madrid’s high of 13 degrees on the same day.

While the capital and south east won’t see the same balmy temperatures as last weekend’s Bank Holiday, temperatures are expected to be in the region of 16 to 17 degrees.

Met Office forecaster Richard Miles told the Standard: “Today it’s a fairly fine and pleasant day, there should be a bit of sunshine and around 16-17 degrees, I should think.

“Then Saturday, it’s going to be dry in the morning but showers coming in the afternoon, quite persistent at times.

“Temperatures will be about 16-17, maybe squeaking up to 18, but when the wind blows it will feel a bit chillier.

“It’ll be cloudy and then showers in the evening. Sunday it’ll be dry but cloudy, with temperatures in the high teens really.

“It’s still going to be cloudy, it’s much of a muchness this weekend really”.

For the rest of the country, cloudy skies and showers are set to affect parts of England and Wales on Saturday.

The south is expected to be brighter and warmer, states the Met Office forecast.

Throughout Sunday to Tuesday, forecasters are predicting variable amounts of cloud with spells of sunshine at times throughout the country.

There will be “a good deal of dry weather but with a few showers in places each day”, states the forecast.

It comes after London recorded the warmest day of the year so far last week after temperatures hit 23.4C on Good Friday - making the capital hotter than California.

The previous high for the year was 20.8C which was recorded in March.