New London weather map turns yellow with 22C temperatures forecast

People enjoy the hot weather in a field beneath a British Airways flight coming into land at Heathrow Airport, London, where the hottest day on record in the UK has been recorded with the temperature reaching 40.2C
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Temperatures may go up to 22C next week, giving us the summer we've all been waiting for. New weather maps from forecaster WX Charts indicate that London will be hit with temperatures of up to 22C next Monday, June 10.

The weather map also shows that London is likely to be the warmest part of the UK on that day. On the map, yellow to red indicates hot weather, while green is cooler.

Meanwhile, the Met Office long-range forecast said the southeast of England is most likely to get some warm weather. The forecast, which ranges from June 7 to June 16, warned of thunderstorms for the first part but said the weather will ease up later into the month.

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A WX Charts weather map
The numbers represent how hot it will be at 6pm on Monday, June 10 -Credit:WX Charts

It said: "The first part of the period most likely characterised by showers sometimes blustery, occasionally heavy with thunderstorms, sometimes forming larger bands of rain. Showers most often across north-western areas but all areas are likely to see some, generally becoming lighter in the south with increasingly brighter spells.

"Temperatures are rather cool for most. Into the new week, the outlook becomes uncertain though most likely an increased potential for periods of rain breaking into showers, sometimes heavy and thundery to spread from the west with fresh or strong winds at times.

"Rainfall likely slightly above average for most, though driest conditions most likely in the northeast. Temperatures mainly around normal, feeling cool in the northwest with the best chance of warmer temperatures in the southeast."

Meanwhile, Birmingham Live reported that Wales and western England will be 'somewhat drier than normal' this month.

Netweather said: "Most of the UK will be drier than average. Wales and western England are especially likely to be somewhat drier than normal. Sunshine totals are expected to be above normal in most regions, especially the south and west, but potentially near or slightly below normal in northern and eastern Scotland."

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