London to New York in 3.5 hours? New Boom Supersonic Overture plane designs revealed

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The new designs for the Boom Supersonic Overture aircraft could transform air travel  (AFP via Getty Images)
The new designs for the Boom Supersonic Overture aircraft could transform air travel (AFP via Getty Images)

While getting away on holiday is always exciting, the thought of a long-haul flight is often enough to make people dread travelling.

Fortunately, a supersonic jet design has been unveiled, which could slash flying times significantly, with journeys from London to New York estimated to take just three-and-a-half hours.

The Boom Sonic Overture is set to transform travel if and when it does take to the skies, and could become the world’s fastest aircraft.

Many are wondering how the plane works and what is needed for it to be launched. Here’s everything you need to know.

How does the Boom Supersonic Overture plane work and why would it be so fast?

The Boom Supersonic Overture plane is set to hit speeds of 2,100km/h. For context, an average commercial aircraft flies at 740 to 930km/h.

The aircraft, which has had 51 design iterations so far since its first in 2017, has four wing-mounted small engines with “gull wings” to improve speed and stability.

This means it’ll cruise faster than the speed of sound when flying over water. With sound in mind, the new engine design is built to reduce noise and make the aircraft quieter.

It will also fly without afterburners, which will also help with reducing the noise output of the aircraft to benefit both passengers and those in airport communities.

Its body is crafted to minimise drag while ensuring fuel efficiency remains even at its supersonic speeds.

When will passengers be able to fly on the Boom Supersonic Overture?

Boasting potential flight times of just three-and-a-half hours from London to New York, many are keen to hop aboard the Boom Supersonic Overture.

However, there is still some way to go until the aircraft is ready for the public with Boom confirming production should begin in 2024, with the jet being produced in 2025.

It could then be a further four years until the jet’s ready for passengers, but the company states it should be by 2029.

Should designs remain as they currently are, the plane should be able to carry 65 to 80 passengers.

Boom Founder and CEO Blake Scholl said: “Aviation has not seen a giant leap in decades. Overture is revolutionary in its design, and it will fundamentally change how we think about distance.

“With more than 600 routes across the globe, Overture will make the world dramatically more accessible for tens of millions of passengers.”

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