London Zoo Animals Open Christmas Presents

Resident animals have enjoyed opening their Christmas presents as part of holiday festivities at London Zoo.

This video, released by the zoo on December 21, shows Asiatic lions opening boxes of seasonal spices, and Western lowland gorillas opening boxes of vegetables.

“Gorillas Alika, Gernot, Mjukuu and Effie are always keen to clean their plates of all the festive veg at Christmas – they loved digging into their presents to find juicy carrots and tasty Brussels sprouts,” head zookeeper Dan Simmonds said.

“And while lioness Arya carefully picked up her gifts and carried them off to play with later, Bhanu opened his all at once, rolling around in the boxes to release his favourite seasonal scents – nutmeg and cinnamon.” Credit: ZSL London Zoo via Storyful

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