London Zoo meerkats post their letters to Santa

THe adorable meerkats forage around the festive treats (ZSL London Zoo)

These adorable meerkats showed that getting your Christmas wish list in the post to Santa really is 'Simples'.

Keepers at ZSL London Zoo said the tiny creatures are most likely to have asked for their favourite treat - tasty mealworms - from Father Christmas.

The young meerkats, one of the most popular attractions at London Zoo, were given a miniature postbox and insect-stuffed letters as part of their daily enrichment programme.

The meerkats delved straight into the toy mailbox and foraged through the envelopes which were full of their favourite treats.

London Zoo keeper Tegan McPhail said: "There are four youngsters in this group who all clambered around the miniature post box to get to their snacks - it would seem that they’re just as excited for Christmas as we are.

"They’ve all been good this year, so I’m sure they’ll get what they asked for!"