Londoner Spots Pod of Dolphins Swimming in the Thames

Londoners delighted at the peculiar sight of dolphins in the Thames, with one Canary Wharf resident capturing footage of the marine animals on February 21.

Canary Wharf resident Rupanjana Dutta said she saw a “pod of dolphins” in the Thames. “We saw 4 dolphins together at one point but there could have been more,” she told Storyful.

A number of other locals spotted the mammals too.

Dolphins were previously spotted in the Thames in 2017.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) urged locals to “behave considerately” toward the dolphins.

A statement to local media added, “We ask the public to do their bit and behave considerately to the dolphins. It’s important that disturbance is kept to a minimum, to maximize the chances of them returning to the open sea under their own steam.” Credit: Rupanjana Dutta via Storyful

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