Londoners hearing age on average 15 years older than their actual age

Alex Gatenby

A leading hearing loss company has released results of the largest ever global study into hearing damage, in aid of World Hearing Day which takes place today.

Having tested individuals using their own developed hearing test app, their findings show that women in London have an average hearing age 15.5 years older than their actual age and men’s hearing is around 14 years older.

Pairing up with a research consultancy company, ABCD Agency, German specialists Mimi Hearing Technologies tested over 200,000 participants worldwide and found that noise pollution in cities made people 64% more likely to suffer hearing damage or loss.

The study aims to raise awareness of how easy it is to cause hearing damage and make us pay more care and attention to our ears, as we do the rest of our physical health.

London is officially the second worst city in the UK for hearing problems (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Dr. Manfred Gross from Charité University Hospital in Berlin said, “While eye and sight checks are routine for most, ear and hearing exams are not.

"This is an issue as the earlier hearing loss is detected, the better the chances are for preventing further damage.”

The researchers behind the index feel the evidence shows just how little most of us know about taking precautions and think the figures are a cause for concern in cities, as the global urban population is growing at 1.85% per year.

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