The loneliest dog in the world?

Staff writer

A rescue dog in England can't seem find a home because of his bat-like ears.

Tug is a 12-year-old collie crossbreed who was found abandoned in terrible condition.

He was cleaned up and his badly matted coat was shaved off at the RSPCA in Coventry.

Even after making a full recovery, not a single person has inquired to adopt him in the three months he's been at the shelter, SWNS reports.

Kennel Supervisor Danni Holder says Tug's 'unique' tongue and large ears are probably a result of the way he was treated.

However he said that on paper, he is the perfect dog. Saying he's friendly, well behaved and both family and dog friendly.

The RSPCA urges anyone thinking of getting a dog to come and meet Tug, saying he is sure to pull on your heart strings.