Long COVID patient opens up about his mental health

A long COVID patient has revealed how the somewhat mysterious condition has affected his mental health.

Dan Scoble, 23, from Oxford, is thought to have caught the coronavirus in March 2020, before testing was available.

While his infection itself was relatively mild, he has since been hospitalised around 10 times, even enduring a spontaneous punctured lung.

More than a year after overcoming the coronavirus, the personal trainer is “still living the unknown”, causing him to develop health anxiety and even panic attacks when he leaves the house.

Scoble has also developed “mild depression” and post-traumatic stress disorder, which have left him dependent on antidepressants and regular psychiatrist check-ups.

Despite all he continues to endure, Scoble “has a lot of hope and belief he will recover”.
He advises fellow long COVID patients to “seek professionals in mental health”. “You're going through so much trauma, you need to open up to manage it,” he said.