Long Lost Family's Davina McCall's romance with fellow TV star after marriage heartbreak

Davina McCall shot to fame hosting Big Brother
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TV icon Davina McCall, renowned for her tenure as the host of Big Brother, is back on screens hosting ITV1's Long Lost Family which begins on ITV1 on Monday, July 9. In the show Davina and Nicky Campbell help more people reunite with long-lost relatives, with investigators picking up the search when the trail has gone cold.

Hailing from Surrey, Davina experienced early life upheavals, moving in with her grandparents at age three following her parents' divorce. Revealing the troubled aspects of her early years, Davina has discussed her mother's struggles with alcoholism and her own history of drug use, including taking drugs with her mother as a child.

In a frank disclosure on the Diary of a CEO podcast, Davina recalled: "Drugs at 12 with my mum. Smoking weed at 12. [...] I did coke with my mum at 15. I did it with my sister at 14. Me and my mum only did drugs twice. I mean, I know that's twice times too many in my book, but I don't want to give this impression that she and I were taking tonnes of drugs together cause that would be a false impression."

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Battling addiction into adulthood, Davina confronted her demons with hard substances such as cocaine and heroin, ultimately seeking recovery through Narcotics Anonymous. As the Irish News reports, Davina said: "I dealt with a very difficult, alcoholic, drug-addict mother and in turn ended up a drug addict myself. But it's just made me a much stronger person and a person that doesn't take no as the end of the line."

"I was a heroin addict that was my drug of choice. I loved heroin, more than my family, more than myself. I hated myself, but I loved heroin more than anything. I would have stolen, I would have got myself into terrible mixes to try and get it or have it or get money to have it. Getting through that, going to go into Narcotics Anonymous meetings, made me realise that if I can get through that I can pretty much get through (anything)."

Before her successful career in the television industry, Davina had a brief stint in singing and dancing. She was part of a band called Lazy Bear and received classical vocal coaching as reported by KentLive.

The 55 year old also showcased her dancing skills in Kylie Minogue's 1991 music video for 'Word Is Out'. Currently, Davina is in a relationship with hairdresser Michael Douglas, who she has been friends with for over two decades.

Davina McCall with Michael Douglas
Davina with Michael Douglas -Credit:David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock for NTA

The couple, who confirmed their romance in 2019, rarely discuss their relationship publicly due to a mutual decision to keep their love life private. "We've got an agreement that I don't talk about our relationship because our exes and kids don't have a right to reply, so it's not fair," she explained.

They also have a podcast, called 'Making The Cut', together. Before Michael, Davina was briefly involved with Eric Clapton, who was 23 years her senior, and was once married to shop owner Andrew Leggett. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.

That marriage only lasted three months, and after it ended, she had a short-lived relationship with footballer Stan Collymore who famously described Davina as "the one that got away" before marrying 'Pet Rescue' presenter Matthew Robertson. The couple had three children together, Holly, Tilly, and Chester, but parted ways after more than 15 years of marriage.

In 2020, Davina opened up about her divorce, which she described as "traumatic". She told the Mail on Sunday's You magazine: "Going through a divorce is a traumatic experience and it is something that needs to be navigated as carefully as possible." adding that the divorce brought about an emotionally turbulent phase, as reported by The Mirror.