Look behind you! Whale watchers miss spectacular breaching display - by facing wrong way

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Turn around: The lifeboat crew are unaware of the stunning whale leap behind them (Caters)

When you're hoping to catch one of nature's most awe-inspiring moments with your own eyes, the first step is surely to face the right way.

Unfortunately for this lifeboat crew, when a humpback whale breached the waves in spectacular style off the Irish coast, all eight of them were looking in the complete opposite direction.

The huge mammal was one of an unprecedented six seen in the waters near Baltimore, County Cork, Ireland, on Sunday.

The playful pod of the humpbacks - which can weigh up to 40 tonnes and measure 50 foot long - have been seen feeding and appearing to play as a group.

And when lifeboat crew member Simon Duggan went out to take a closer look in his own separate boat, he and his crewmates were treated to a spectacular display.

Youen, who was just 50 feet away in a boat only 20 foot long, said such a large number of whales had not been seen in years.

He said seeing the fantastic sight was amazing, but also rather unfortunate the onlookers for the whale watchers he spotted looking the wrong way.

He said: "They have been bubble feeding for the past two weeks, using bubbles from their blow holes to push fish to the surface, and they been tail slapping and seeming to play with one another.

"It was truly spectacular to get so close to these whales, we occasionally see them in ones and twos but we haven't seen this many for years.

"They looked like they were enjoying themselves as well, blocking each other and breaching out of the water.

"When this one whale breached by our boat we knew about it, he was massive, and when I looked at the photo I realised everyone else was looking the wrong way."

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