'Look at That Motion': Tornado Touches Down in Coastal Mississippi

A radar-confirmed tornado was spotted in the vicinity of Big Point and Moss Point, Mississippi, on Saturday, October 29, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

Storm-chaser Balin Rogers captured footage of the twister at several locations in Moss Point on Saturday.

Local news reports said a tornado was also spotted near Pass Christian.

The NWS New Orleans office said it was sending a crew to survey damage and asses the strength of the tornados on Sunday. Credit: Balin Rogers via Storyful

Video transcript

- Tornado on the ground. Tornado. We got a tornado right now just passed through Big Point. It's on the ground right now as we speak, picking up debris.

It is tornado on the ground, I repeat, tornado on the ground right now as I speak. Look at that tornado, tornado. It is right here. Look at that motion. Look at that motion. This rotation right above.

Look, it's in the field. Got a tornado-- oh, my gosh. It's in the field, right here. Bye tornado. Pushing up.