Looks Like Todd And Julie Chrisley Are Going To Be Released From Prison Earlier Than Expected

 screenshot chrisley knows best
screenshot chrisley knows best

After Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty of bank fraud and more in the summer of 2022, the reality TV couple was ultimately sentenced to years in prison. The two ultimately reported to their respective facilities at the beginning of 2023. Since then, they’ve sought to have their convictions overturned, while their lawyer and children advocate on their behalf. That legal development has yet to happen, as of this writing. However, amid the wave of legal setbacks, it looks like the two Chrisley Knows Best alums have received some good news. It looks like they’ll be released from prison a little earlier than expected.

Todd Chrisley was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his offenses but, per legal documents obtained by Page Six, he’s now set to be released from Pensacola’s Federal Prison Camp on January 22, 2033. That, of course, amounts to a sentence reduction of less than two years. Meanwhile, wife Julie, who was set to serve seven years at Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky is set to finish her stint on October 19, 2028. So that means her sentence has been cut short by 14 months.

It would also seem that even more reductions to their sentences could happen in time. The couple’s lawyer, Jay Surgent, explained that the implementation of new sentencing guidelines could make that happen. Said changes are reportedly set to go into effect in November.

A lot has been said about how the two have been holding up in prison since reporting in January. One insider alleged that 54-year-old Todd Chrisley was feeling “hopeless” and was starting to feel the ramifications of his actions. Another claimed Julie wasn’t doing well and had essentially “broken down.” At the same time, their kids and legal team have made claims about the places in which they’re housed. Son Chase claimed that they don’t have air conditioning available to them, while daughter Savannah claims her mom is dealing with snakes in her living space.

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todd and julie on chrisley knows best
todd and julie on chrisley knows best

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Despite all of that, a handful of other updates about the couple’s current state have been somewhat positive. Lindsie Chrisley, Todd’s oldest daughter with his ex-wife, says her dad and stepmom have been “welcomed with open arms” to prison.

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s lawyers have provided updates on both their personal statuses and what lies ahead of them from a legal standpoint. Just weeks ago, Jay Surgent spoke out after Todd’s attempt to serve the remainder of his sentence at home sparked an investigation. Surgent seems confident in his clients’ chances of improving the positions, and those sentiments echo those of other family attorney Alex Little, who believed the Chrisleys would get a retrial.

Though the Chrisleys’ prison stints have been reduced, it may be fair to assume that they’ll continue to seek the complete reversal of the court ruling. That’s, of course, speculation at this point. But if things pan out the way they and their legal team reportedly hope, they could find themselves facing shorter amounts of jail time moving forward.