Loose Women’s Angela McLean forced to apologise after guest swears live on air

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch
'Sorry': the Loose Women had to apologise after a guest swore on air: Rex Features

Loose Women host Angela McLean was forced to apologise after guest swore live on air.

During Tuesday’s episode of the panel show, model Rain Dove was discussing his gender-fluid identity, when he used the word 's***'.

McLean asked: "When you first became aware of being gender-fluid, what were people's initial reactions? When you first joined [as a firefighter], the men assumed you were another man and you just kind of went with it."

To which Dove replied: "I thought I had found the secret to life. I thought, 'Wow'. To be perceived as a cis white hetero man in America, I mean, that's the golden ticket.

"But what I discovered after living 11 months being perceived as a male is that even at the top of the food chain, that white cis hetero man, even they are oppressed in certain ways. They're not as oppressed at the same level as women, but you have to look at everyone as an individual.

"Not as a set of genitals or as an identity. You have to look at them as a person, through their individual experiences. No matter who you are, you are going to get s*** or..."

Realising what he had said, McLean quickly stepped in.

"I hear your point, but we do apologise!" she said before wrapping up the segment.

"We have run out of time. It's nothing to do with you just saying that. We genuinely have just run out of time!"

Loose Women continues weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.