12 Classic Loose Women Moments That ITV Probably Won't Be Repeating Any Time Soon

The coronavirus pandemic continues to have a devastating effect across many industries, including entertainment.

One area that has been hit by the outbreak is ITV’s daytime schedule, with filming having been halted on both Lorraine and Loose Women.

As a result of this, Lorraine Kelly is now a temporary presenter in the last hour of Good Morning Britain each day, while ITV is showing “classic” episodes of Loose Women in their 12.30pm slot “to give viewers something to smile about each day at lunchtime”.

But while we can think of plenty of Loose Women moments guaranteed to brighten up your lunch hour for those who are working from home, there are also a fair few we imagine ITV won’t be in a hurry to remind everyone of.

Here are just a few of those moments...

1. That time that Joan Rivers called Russell Crowe a “piece of fucking shit”, right in front of Jane McDonald


Joan Rivers later claimed she’d been “dragged out” of the studio, suggesting that she hadn’t intended to swear (less than a minute into her interview, no less), but didn’t realise the show was being broadcast completely live. “I was wrong,” she later told Richard and Judy. “I meant to say Mel Gibson.” 

2. When Rupert Everett dropped the F-bomb live at lunchtime


The actor realised what he’d said just a second too late, but at least Lisa Maxwell was able to think quickly and laugh it off.

3. But, of course, they weren’t the most famous expletives uttered on Loose Women


No, that honour goes to Katie Price’s teenage son Harvey, who held nothing back when he told internet trolls exactly what he thought of them, leaving a flustered Andrea McLean to apologise on behalf of the show. 

4. When Penny Lancaster gave Sarah Harding an absolute grilling

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Poor old Sarah was only on the show to talk about her stint on The Jump, but ended up getting bombarded with questions for almost two minutes straight about everything from her unsuccessful solo career, to her relationship with her father.

5. When Fathers 4 Justice invaded the studio, and the show was briefly taken off air


We have to say, Coleen Nolan handled this situation brilliantly, quickly diverting attention away from the protesters, and back onto the subject at hand, which happened to be her own weight loss journey. 

6. That time Ruth Langsford struggled to hide her emotions during Katie Price’s live vocal performance


We still prefer Free To Love Again, tbh.

7. Not to mention when Coleen Nolan had to physically drag Katie off the panel after a pre-watershed sex chat got a little too explicit

(Photo: ITV)

Katie later told HuffPost UK that this was the one time she found herself getting a “telling off” from producers during her stint as a Loose Women panellist.

8. That time Penny Lancaster paid tribute to Burt Bacharach, even though he’s not actually dead

(Photo: ITV)

She later explained: “I think what it was… he’s 90, and I saw a recent tribute and I got the wrong end of the stick. And so happy birthday. And I hope you carry on writing that wonderful music.”

9. This chaotic episode the day after Margaret Thatcher’s funeral


From Andrea being caught telling a producer not to talk in her ear while she’s presenting, to a rude slip-up from Janet Street-Porter, this day is probably best kept in the Loose Women vault.

10. Kim Woodburn being Kim Woodburn and – you guessed it – swearing live on air


“Why didn’t we see this side to you in the Big Brother house?” Linda Robson asked. “Because they were bastards,” Kim replied, nonchallantly.

11. And let’s not even get into Kim’s most infamous appearance on the daytime show


This interview attracted thousands of complaints to Ofcom, with Kim storming off in tears at the end of it, and Coleen Nolan taking an extended break from TV as a result of the attention she received. 

12. And finally, on a lighter note, here’s Saira Khan pretending to have fantasised about a dog


We still can’t believe this made it to air. Incredible stuff.

Loose Women airs every weekday at 12.30pm on ITV.


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Karren Brady

Long before she was answering to Lord Sugar, The Apprentice star Karren was letting loose on the ITV daytime show.

She was one of the original line-up of ladies, appearing on the first episode in 1999.

And while her stint was short-lived, ending just a year later, Karren returned to the panel for an anniversary special in 2017, along with the rest of the women who appeared on that very first show.

Kerry Katona

Back when she was Kerry McFadden (those were the days, eh?), the Atomic Kitten singer appeared as a panelist between 2003 and 2004.

She was only 23 when she joined the show, making her the youngest Loose Woman regular ever, and her sometimes naive outlook on life meant she often clashed with Sherrie Hewson, providing many hilarious moments.

Nina Wadia

She's best known for playing the opinionated Zainab Masood in EastEnders, but Nina offered up plenty of opinions of her own when she appeared as a series regular between 2005 and 2006.

Gillian Taylforth

Another EastEnder who graced the Loose Women panel was Gillian Taylforth – better known as Walford's Kathy Beale.

The actress enjoyed two stints as a Loose lady, first in 2006 and again in 2008.

Cilla Black

While the late Cilla will be remembered for her huge TV hits Blind Date and Surprise Surprise, her last regular TV gig was actually as a Loose Woman.

She appeared first as a guest anchor in 2009 and was invited back as a regular panelist between 2010 and 2011, returning for a final appearance in 2014.

Sarah Millican

In our humble opinion, Sarah's tenure as a Loose Woman was simply not long enough.

The comic only appeared as a panelist for less than a year in 2011, before leaving to concentrate on her stand-up career.

Beverley Callard

During one of her many breaks from Coronation Street, Beverley (aka Liz McDonald) took up a seat behind the famous desk in 2010.

Kym Marsh

While Kym has recently enjoyed a few turns as a guest panellist, many have forgotten her original stint as a regular on the show in 2005, back when she sported an interesting (if that's the right word?) set of hair extensions.

Claire Sweeney

The former Brookside actress enjoyed over two years on the panel back in 2003, and later returned for six episodes in 2010, and a further two in 2012.

Sheree Murphy

Sheree was a welcome addition to the panel in 2006, after she finished playing Emmerdale's much-loved Tricia Dingle. While she left in 2007, she later returned as a guest panellist for an episode in 2015.

Claire Richards

After the departure of many of Loose Women's biggest names in 2013 and 2014, Steps singer Claire made a string of guest appearances. She impressed bosses so much, she was soon promoted to a regular.

However, a massive revamp of the show in the September of 2014 saw her leave the show with no explanation.

Jenny Powell

The Wheel Of Fortune assistant was finally given a break from turning around letters on a board in 2004, when she joined the Loose Women panel for a year.

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