Loose Women turns frosty as Kelle Bryan forced into awkward Spanx confession

The atmosphere on ITV's Loose Women got a bit chilly when Christine Lampard nudged Kelle Bryan into sharing an awkward anecdote.

Wednesday's edition of the beloved daytime programme saw the presenters back at the helm, engaging in lively discussions about current affairs and other hot topics. With Christine steering the dialogue, panellists Kelle, Judi Love, and Coleen Nolan weighed in with their perspectives.

The conversation turned to the topic of terrible presents they've received in the past. As each recounted their gift-giving disasters, Judi recalled receiving "Spanx" from an ex, much to her surprise.

However, the mood shifted when Christine directed the question at Kelle, prompting her to reveal her most mortifying present. The Eternal star seemed less than thrilled by the prompt, hinting that it was a memory she preferred not to dredge up.

Snapping back at her jokingly, Kelle said: "Oh, well only on national television. Thanks, Christine."

Laughing the moment off, Kelle then shared her ordeal with her co-stars revealing that she once gave her daughter's friend a gift that they had previously given her daughter before by accident - with the tag still on the item. As the audience laughed along, the panellist shared her disbelief at her unexpected experience.

While the four women shared their various stories, some viewers online took a much more cynical approach to what they were watching as many of them seemed to think the stories were not true. Heading over to X formerly known as Twitter, viewers shared their thoughts.

One social media user said: "I don’t believe a word of that Spanx story." Another viewer sarcastically penned: "No scripts or made-up stories involved on this show."

A third shared: "If you watch their body language and eyes you can tell they are making this s**t up." While a fourth mentioned: [It] didn’t happen Kelle."

Kelle's awkward reveal on the show isn't the first time a Loose Woman has been called out for letting things slip. Recently Natalie Cassidy called out panellist Charlene White when she spoke about something mentioned in private on the show.

The EastEnders star appeared on Loose Women to discuss her late co-star Barbara Windsor. Charlene then said: "She could let you know she wasn't happy with just one look if you came in after a big night out when you were working the next day."

But this prompted Natalie to retort sharply. She replied jokingly: "Thank you for that! It was a private conversation in the green room!"

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.