Loose Women's Andrea McLean forced to break up Kaye Adams and Jane Moore row over child obesity

Kaye Adams and Jane Moore fight over opinions on child obesity.
Kaye Adams and Jane Moore fight over opinions on child obesity.

Loose Women‘s panellists got themselves into a huge row over the touchy subject of childhood obesity.

Andrea McLean was forced to intervene during a blazing row between Kaye Adams and Jane Moore. The ferocity of their fight is even more surprising, given that they are friends.

The women on the ITV lunchtime show attempted to discuss the national crisis when their opposing opinions made Adams and Moore see red on live TV.

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Jane Moore made her line on the subject clear: “If you have a severely obese four-year-old, it is because you as a parent have fed them rubbish.” She added that parents in the UK are able to find information anywhere and everywhere about healthy options for their kids.

Kaye Adams responded with: “I just think that is so unfair, Jane. It really is. It’s so unfair. We have fetishised food. Yes, we have Jamie Oliver and all these people and the lovely beautiful kitchens but a lot of people don’t live life like that, they don’t live in these beautiful kitchens, they work shifts, they work long hours.”

An angered Jane snapped back that Kaye was suggesting that these parents are “so stupid that they don’t know a burger is not good for your health.”

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An infuriated Kaye was left shouting “Stop!” again and again at her friend of over 20 years.

Andrea McLean then jumped in to defend Kaye, pointing out that she did not use the word “stupid” at any point during their debate. She added: “I really take offence to that Jane.”