Lord Alan Sugar Denies Claims That Scott Saunders Quit The Apprentice

Over the weekend it was reported that The Apprentice hottie, Scott Saunders, had dramatically had enough of Lord Alan Sugar’s ‘personal attacks’ in the boardroom and sensationally walked out of the show.

The Sun claimed that Scott was left feeling ‘disrespected’ as the straight-talking businessman laid into him following the failure of the task, telling the tycoon that he quit before walking out of the competition.

Whilst Scott has remained incredibly quiet over on his own Twitter page, Lord Alan Sugar has rubbished the speculation over on his.

Retweeting a link to the story alongside the question: “What’s going on Al? This true?!”, Lord Sugar wrote: “Total Rubbish . 

“They took the story from the Sun who are known for their accuracy ….. Not [SIC]”.

It is not known whether the entire story is fabricated or if the circumstances in which Scott did leave the show were inaccurate.

This isn’t the first time that Scott has seen himself at the centre of an Apprentice storm, with the hopeful previously shocking viewers when he accused his fellow candidate of threatening to “smash his face in” when no such altercation took place.

He also lost fans when he refused to shake the hand of fired contestant, Sam Curry, because he felt “disrespected”, although he later took to his Twitter account to admit that he was in the wrong.

The Apprentice continues on Wednesday night, but will Scott walk out? We’ll just have to wait and see…