Lord Ashcroft’s former daughter-in-law reveals moment she shot police officer in Belize

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Lord Ashcroft’s former daughter-in-law reveals moment she shot police officer in Belize

The former daughter-in-law of Lord Ashcroft has spoken about the moment she shot a police officer in Belize.

Jasmine Hartin has described the death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott, 42, as a “very tragic accident” in an interview to air on TalkTV on Monday night.

The former partner of Andrew Ashcroft was charged with manslaughter by negligence after the police officer’s body was found on a dock in San Pedro on May 27.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, the socialite was asked: “You don’t dispute that you fired the gun that killed Henry Jemmott?”

Ms Hartin replied: “No, it was a very tragic accident.

“I don’t remember ever touching the trigger of the weapon, but I was holding it when it went off, that’s correct.”

In a video teaser of the interview, she admitted the “horrible night that changed everyone’s lives, and ended some” remains difficult for her to talk about.

“It was a loud bang. Then my ears were ringing… I was in shock.” She said.

“Henry fell back on top of me. At that point I realised one of us was hurt. I could see blood and feel the blood.

“So then, I tried to wiggle out from under him, and that’s when he started slipping into the water and I tried to catch him.”

Ms Hartin was the partner of Andrew Ashcroft but the pair are now estranged, according to reports.

Andrew Ashcroft is the son of former Conservative treasurer and deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft, who holds Belizean citizenship and was once its representative at the United Nations.

Belize police said Ms Hartin and Supt Jemmott were friends.

“From what we have been made to understand, they were drinking. From investigation, they were alone on the pier and yes, they were both fully clothed," Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams said to reporters.

Ms Hartin’s full interview with TalkTV is scheduled to air at 8pm on Monday.

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