Who is Lord Lucan? AI tech believes Australian pensioner could be missing aristocrat

Back in 1974, 29-year-old Sandra Rivett was brutally murdered in a London basement. Her killer was never arrested but was widely believed to be well-known British aristocrat Richard John Bingham, also known as Lord Lucan.

Lord Lucan disappeared after the alleged murder of Ms. Rivett, who worked as his family's nanny. Despite there being apparent sightings of him all over the world, he has never been found or put on trial.

However, photos of an Australian pensioner are now being described as a “definite match” for the alleged killer. Leading computer scientist Professor Hassan Ugail used an ­AI algorithm to run 4,000 cross-checks of seven photos – four of Lucan and three of the man in Australia, according to an exclusive by The Mirror. However, the paper has blurred the pensioner’s image, for legal reasons.

Here’s what you need to know about Lord Lucan and whether the man in Australia could be the solution to his mystery.

Who is Lord Lucan?

Richard John Bingham was born on December 18, 1934, in London, with the title of the 7th Earl of Lucan (or Lord Lucan).

Educated privately at Eton, Bingham loved to gamble but didn’t often win. Nonetheless, he eventually quit his job as a banker to pursue gambling full-time, spending most of his time playing backgammon.

Together with wife Veronica Duncan, Bingham had three children. Due to Lady Lucan suffering from post-natal depression and being put on medication, their marriage began to break down. Eventually, Lord Lucan moved out of their family home in Belgravia and into his own flat nearby.

Seeking full custody of the children, Lord Lucan began to spy on his family to try to prove his wife was an unfit parent.

At the time, Veronica was required by law to hire a live-in nanny, introducing Sandra Rivett to the family in late 1974.

How did Sandra Rivett die?

The 22-year-old nanny was looking after the children one night when she asked Veronica if she wanted a cup of tea. Heading down to the basement kitchen to get one, Sandra would never emerge again.

She was bludgeoned to death with a lead pipe, and her body was found stuffed into an unused mailbag.

Veronica went to look for Sandra, only to be attacked as well. She allegedly heard her husband's voice telling her to “shut up”. She also claims to have heard Lord Lucan admit to killing Sandra.

Veronica then fled the house to their nearest pub to tell everyone what she had just witnessed.

Despite people returning to apprehend Lucan, the aristocrat has never been seen again officially, although he's apparently been spotted in various countries around the world since.

Though he was legally declared dead in 2016, experts claim to have tracked down the missing criminal in Brisbane, Australia.

If true, it would mean that this 87-year-old man is actually the long-lost killer, based on photo analysis of Lucan and the old man. He was tracked down by Sandra's son, Neil Berriman.

"I’ve spent nine years trying to prove this man is Lucan,” said Mr Berriman. “Now, with this new scientific information, the police must act. This isn’t emotion. It’s fact.”

Professor Hassan Ugail used an AI algorithm to identify the pictures, which he claims is “never wrong”.

The man has reportedly been living in a Buddhist community and attending prayer meetings. Other possible sightings of Lord Lucan have been reported in Africa, India, and New Zealand since 1974.