Lord Mayor's Hot Air Balloon Regatta: 50 giant hot air balloons to fly over London

Luke Abrahams
Exclusive Ballooning®

Love balloons? Fantastic, because 50 giant inflatable light bulbs will be soaring over the capital's skyline on Sunday July 22 for 30 minutes of Instagram epicness.

Since 2015, the city's top 'grammers, amateur photographers and the odd tourist have descended on the beauteous beast that is Battersea Park to get sights of the 2018 RICOH Lord Mayor's Hot Air Balloon Regatta®, an annual celebration in support of the Lord Mayor's Appeal organised by Exclusive Ballooning.

If you've got no clue what we're on about, it's basically a massive charity stunt to create awareness for all the millions of pounds the city and the City of London Corporation raise for charities and good causes in London and beyond. How lovely.

So what do you need to know? First things first, don't go to Battersea Park. You won't be let in because of all the health and safety laws and measures. Instead, head to the west bank of the river along the northern Embankment to get the best view of the whole soiree. If all goes well weather wise, you'll see a puffed up gang of sponsored inflatables whizz past the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, the Shard and Tower Bridge.

The only bad part is that it all kicks off between 5am and 5.30am. But hey, it's for the 'gram peeps. The 'gram.

Up, up and waheyyy.

The Lord Mayor's Annual Balloon Regatta kicks off at 5am on Sunday July 22. For more information, visit the Lord Mayor's Website