Lord Sugar fires Bradley Johnson on The Apprentice

Lord Sugar has fired two more contestants credit:Bang Showbiz
Lord Sugar has fired two more contestants credit:Bang Showbiz

Bradley Johnson has been fired on 'The Apprentice'.

The self-made businessman has been fired by Lord Sugar after he failed to impress during the latest task.

The groups were asked to produce a men's skincare brand for John Lewis, and Bradley was initially very confident of excelling in his role as a project manager.

He said: "This is my third time as project manager for me. This is it for me. I'm going to absolutely smash it."

However, Bradley - who was keen to call his brand Venom - ultimately failed to impress Lord Sugar, and he was later called a "disgrace" by the businessman.

Speaking about their product, Lord Sugar added: "It looks like a Brussels sprout on top of a turd."

The 75-year-old business magnate then decided to fire another member of the team, as he opted to send Avi Sharma home, too.

After his exit was confirmed, Avi confessed to learning some important lessons through the show.

He told Metro.co.uk: "I got more than I expected, really. I laughed a lot, and I learned a lot which is the most important thing."

Meanwhile, Bradley previously boasted about his success in the business world.

The TV star started his construction business after being made redundant in 2019 and Bradley admitted to being "immensely proud" of what he's managed to achieve so far.

He said: "Starting a business from absolutely nothing and taking it to a company that's turning over six figures demonstrates my determination and strong work ethic.

"A lot of people in business - I’m not saying everyone - have inherited their businesses. This is not the case for myself."