Lorraine Kelly hits back at online troll who calls her hair ‘awful’ and says she needs a makeover

Lorraine Kelly responded to online troll who called her hair ‘awful’  (PA Wire)
Lorraine Kelly responded to online troll who called her hair ‘awful’ (PA Wire)

Lorraine Kelly had some choice words for an internet troll who criticised her hair saying it was “awful” and that she was in need of a makeover.

The Scottish TV presenter, 63, could have just ignored the mean comments on Twitter, but instead chose to address them.

“I really think Lorraine needs a makeover hair is awful I’m surprised no one has mentioned this time for a short cut Lorraine,” wrote the user called Cathy.

Quoting her tweet, Kelly replied: “Well good morning Cathy - only problem - when I have short hair I look like Wilson from Castaway (if you know you know)”.

The look she was referring to was a “character” from the 2000 film Castaway starring Tom Hanks.

In it, Oscar-winner Hanks finds himself stranded on a desert island with his only company being a volley ball with a face painted on it complete with sticky up hair, who he decides to name Wilson.

While Kelly seemed to take Cathy’s remarks on the chin, her fans were quick to jump to her defence.

“Why are some people so rude and judgemental what does anyone get out of making nasty, hurtful remarks, I just don’t get it! You look fabulous Lorraine,” wrote one person, followed by a kiss.

“Wow. Nasty person. You look fab,” agreed a second.

“Lorraine you always look fab and bring cheer to our screens everyday,” wrote another.

Adding: “How sad to see a female sharing publicly such negative thoughts about another female.

“Dare to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down”.