ITV's Lorraine Kelly launches into rant live on air after 'trigger warning' issued

ITV's Lorraine Kelly
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Lorraine Kelly was left ranting live on air, as she hosted her first show of a new week on Monday, having been started by a 'trigger warning' issued by ITV.

After seeing Friday's episode of her daily daytime programme shelved by channel bosses, as ITV aired rolling coverage of the General Election result and the key events that followed, Lorraine was back in the familiar surroundings of her studio to get the ball rolling on the first of five shows this week.

And it was another ITV series, Midsomer Murders that was the subject of Lorraine's frustrations, after it was reported that viewers had been served with warnings for 'distressing scenes' while watching episodes of Midsomer Murders on streaming service ITVX. Not holding back with her opinions on that, Lorraine blasted: "You know how people get trigger warnings, I know sometimes people have to, of course I understand that but Midsomer Murders, really, really?"

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Lorraine added: "We know there will be distressing scenes, it's called Midsomer Murders. We know there will be a murder or even more than one! Saying there might be violence in Midsomer Murders is like saying today, watching Wimbledon, there may well be bouncing balls!"

She isn't the only one who's been left annoyed by warnings given before the start of Midsomer Murders and other hit dramas, like BBC's Call The Midwife. Taking to X, one disgruntled critic wrote: "All these "content warnings" are bloody ridiculous. You only have to Read the PROGRAMME NAME & use your brain to know what you're getting. Midsomer MURDERS, Call the MIDWIFE, DEATH in Paradise, The NEWS. FFS WAKE UP"

Midsomer Murders returned to ITV for its 23rd series earlier this year, only to then disappear from schedules after just one episode. But it has now been confirmed that the new run of feature length mysteries will resume next week, with the drama being moved from its Sunday night slot to Tuesdays.