Lorraine Kelly Lends Her Support To Cliff Richard In The Wake Of His Acquittal Over Abuse Claims

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has spoken out in support of Cliff Richard following his acquittal for child sex abuse claims.

Writing in her weekly column for The Sun, Lorraine argues that the allegations made against him must have ‘gnawed at his heart’:

“Cliff was an open and trusting man, and inevitably that will have changed. He has been badly hurt by the accusations and lurid headlines and it will take time for him to rebuild his life.”

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“At a time in his life when he should have been taking it easy and looking back over his career with satisfaction and a sense of achievement, Cliff has had no peace of mind.

"The fear, angst and worry of having to face unsubstantiated and trumped-up charges must have gnawed away at his heart and soul and kept him up at night.”

She’s the latest star to offer support to the singer, whose life was turned upside-down after officers from Operation Yewtree raided his home in relation to historic child sexual abuse claims.

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Back in May, long-term pal Gloria Hunniford told The Sun: “The strain on him has been almost unbearable.”

“It’s that constant pressure of the last thing he thinks of at night and the first thing he thinks of in the morning, and the sheer frustration of seemingly nothing being done.

“He can think and talk about nothing else. The toll on him has been enormous.”

The 'Millennium Prayer’ warbler was interviewed several times and always protested his innocence. Upon his acquittal, he said he was “obviously thrilled that the vile accusations and the resulting investigation have finally been brought to a close”.