Lorraine Kelly on anti-lockdown protesters: 'Look at the hell Kate Garraway has gone through'

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Watch: Lorraine Kelly explains her anger over anti-lockdown protests

Lorraine Kelly has branded the anti-lockdown protesters ‘ridiculous and irresponsible’ and suggested ITV colleague Kate Garraway could tell them of ‘the hell’ caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Lorraine today, the presenter says the people, who took to the streets of London this weekend, would not be so quick to dismiss lockdown measures if they spoke to Garraway about husband Derek Draper, who has been in hospital since contracting the virus back in March.

Speaking to the show’s resident doctor, Hilary Jones, Kelly said: “I was fuming at the weekend. The protests! I absolutely would love to take these people by the hand and show them the reality [of COVID-19].

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“Wouldn't you like our Kate Garraway to have a wee word with [the protesters] and tell them about the hell she's been living through with her husband. It's absolutely ridiculous and totally irresponsible.”

Derek Draper and Kate Garraway. (PA)
Derek Draper and Kate Garraway. (PA)

The protests occurred after a concerning rise of coronavirus cases across the UK meant further restrictions being implemented by the government in a bid to stop cases spreading.

Coronavirus: what happened today

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Though the UK has had around 430,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and over 41,000 deaths relating to the virus, a small minority of people are disregarding the risk with a few even adamant the pandemic is a hoax.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 - Unite for Freedom, anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square- PHOTOGRAPH BY Matthew Chattle / Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing (Photo credit should read Matthew Chattle/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)
Unite for Freedom, anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square- PHOTOGRAPH BY Matthew Chattle / Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing (Photo credit: Matthew Chattle/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The resulting protest on Saturday, 26 September, saw officers clashing with demonstrators, many of whom did not adhere to social distancing regulations, after police intervened to break up a protest in Trafalgar Square.

Nine police officers were injured, with two requiring hospital treatment for head injuries, while 16 people were arrested.

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Metropolitan Police Cmdr. Ade Adelekan said: “As the crowds began to swell in Trafalgar Square, it became impossible for people to maintain social distancing and keep each other safe.

“Likewise, there appeared to be no efforts by organisers to engage with crowds and keep those assembling safe from transmitting the virus.”

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