Lorraine Kelly's co-star's six-word response after she takes cold plunge in swimsuit

Dr Hilary Jones was full of praise for Lorraine Kelly after watching her bravely venture into the sea in a stunning swimsuit.

The 64-year-old television host took some well-earned time off in Orkney, Scotland, after a five-day stint of hosting duties. Seeking relaxation, she went for an invigorating cold-water dip.

She was filmed hitting the beach in a striking low-cut swimming costume, racing off for a "refreshing" swim. Lorraine proudly showcased the footage on her breakfast TV show where Dr Hilary Jones apllauded her bravery.

Reflecting on her daring plunge, she told her co-host and resident TV doctor: "See we had to run a long, long way but we actually did go in." She admitted that it was "bracing", but described the experience as "absolutely fantastic", reports the Mirror.

Lorraine looks at Dr Hilary dubiously
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Responding to her sea dipping adventure, Dr Hilary asserted: "It's meant to be very good for you, it's good for the circulation, good for the heart and good for the mood." Adding to this discussion, Lorraine revealed: "We just took it easy and we went on a gorgeous walk."

Continuing her narrative, she stated: "We saw Puffins as well which was lovely and wee piggies. We had just the best time."

Addressing Lorraine, Dr Hilary chimed in with just six-words of high praise: "You look very well on it," referencing her courage in challenging the cold waters. In response, a recharged Lorraine shared: "I feel very well on it, actually, it's just like a recharge of your batteries."

In another segment of the programme, Dr Hilary issued a serious warning about the potential dangers of weight loss drugs bought online. He urged people to consider the unproven side effects.

Lorraine queried her co-star: "What are the side effects, do we know?" To which Dr Hilary cautioned: "Short term nausea and diarrhoea. Plus headaches and fatigue.

"Then long-term, there's also links to pancreatitis and thyroid issues and thyroid cancer. People have also woke up with sudden blindness through the sciatic nerve."

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV from 9am.