'Lorraine': Viewers furious at show for suggesting guest was 'nearly killed' by healthy eating

Chris Edwards
Eve Simmons wants people to be able to eat what they want

Lorraine viewers were left divided today after the show suggested one of its guests was nearly killed by a healthy diet.

Eve Simmons, the Deputy Health Editor of the Mail on Sunday, appeared on the morning show to discuss her difficult relationship with food.

She spoke about her book, How to Feel the Fear and Eat It Anyway: How to Eat Everything (and Stop Worrying About It), aims to help people battling eating disorders after anorexia.

Some viewers praised Simmons for her outlook on food and dieting, but many were distracted by title of the segment.

The words “Healthy Eating Nearly Killed Me” were written along the bottom of the screen, which prompted some major criticism from bewildered viewers.

“I want people to read it and really feel a relief,” she told host Lorraine Kelly.

“I want them to eat and just enjoy what they’re eating, whatever it is they’re eating. Whether it’s a croissant or a baguette or a delicious plate of macaroni cheese or a nice beautiful colourful salad.

“I just want everyone to eat what they want and stop worrying about it. I think we put so much emphasis on what we eat, we intellectualise everything and actually, it’s so unnecessary.”

“For me, it happened very quickly. I had a very peaceful relationship with food for most of my life and then suddenly, I went on my first diet and within six months I’d lost about 20% of my body weight. I was completely messed up about food.” 

One person wrote: “The lady has an important message but it’s a ridiculous message on screen. It’s not healthy eating that’s the issue!”

While another added: “It’s not ‘healthy eating’ that leads to anorexia or people losing their lives. It’s insufficient calories. You can eat like shit and lose weight, and you can eat ‘healthy’ and still lose weight. There’s a big distinction to be made between how you eat and how much you eat.”

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