Lorry driver crashes into electricity posts after leaving vehicle's container raised

A truck crashed into electricity posts dragging down the cables after forgetting the loading container was still raised. Driver Arun Somboon left the truck's loader up after emptying the soil it collected in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand. When he drove it in the morning, the truck's loader became entangled with electric cables which dragged down the poles. Arun said: "I recently received this new truck from my company, so I am still not used to the system. "I was startled when I felt that my truck was being pulled by something above. I later saw electricity poles falling down through my rear mirror." Electric wires were torn apart causing large sparks around the vehicle. Arun said he was left frightened and motionless after the incident. The driver said: "When I saw the sparks, I don't know what to do next. I was just sitting inside and waited for help." The Electricity Authority cut the power off when the emergency services received a call and rushed to save the man. Police later took the driver to be questioned at the station. They said the driver will be fined for causing damage to public facilities. The Electricity Authority team said they will need at least a day to fix the electric wires before turning the power on again. The damages were estimated to be around 100,000 Baht (around 2,400 GBP). No deaths and injuries were reported by the accident.