Lost deer caught on camera cooling down by bounding across a UK river

A cute deer is filmed in a "real life Disney scene" cooling down during the heatwave by bounding across the River Derwent in Derbyshire.

Retired agency manager Steve Watson, 63, filmed the animal as it took a refreshing dip near the historic Belper Weir.

The granddad-of-one was driving to the chemist for his wife Jan, 68, on Wednesday (13/7) afternoon when he spotted the deer splashing through the water.

Steve, from Belper, said: "It was like something out of a Disney movie. Belper's answer to Bambi.

“I was driving over the bridge when I saw a flash of movement coming from the river.

“I pulled over and got my phone out and just started filming. I couldn’t believe there was a deer so close to the town.

“I’ve lived in this town all my life and I’ve never seen a deer.

“It was majestic the way it was leaping through the water. It must have wanted to cool down because it was very hot."

The footage shows the deer racing about hundred yards through the river before taking a breather by a clump of trees on the other side.

Since posting the footage on social media, the 30-second clip has attracted thousands of hits and views.

Fran Patrick said: “How special – right place, right time. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing.”

Juliette Stevens commented: “Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful footage.”

Bradley Wilson said: "Go bambi go! Just watching this video makes me feel cooler. If my air con packs in I might be joining him in my speedos!"

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