Lost Dog Rescued After 'Cold, Brutal Night Alone' Above Frozen Waterfall on Christmas Eve

A lost dog was reunited with its family on Christmas Day after spending the previous night alone above a frozen waterfall in Utah, according to rescuers.

Footage released by Weber County Search and Rescue (WCSAR) shows rescuers reaching the dog, who they say was located with the help of a drone after a “cold, brutal night alone.”

“On Christmas Eve, a local man was hiking near Waterfall Canyon and became separated from his dog named Nala,” WCSAR said in a Facebook post. “After a long search, he was not able to recover her before night fall, and Nala had to spend the night on the mountain,” they continued.

On Christmas morning, Nala’s owner located the dog above the waterfall but needed the help of technical climbers to reach the animal “due to the steep and icy terrain,” WCSAR said.

“Nala was cold with a few minor injuries, but was able to hike down with the rescuers. She is one tough puppy,” rescuers said, adding: “Once reaching the trailhead parking lot, both human and canine couldn’t have been happier to be reunited.” Credit: Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue via Storyful

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