Lost puppy rescued from apartment ledge after being trapped for two days

A stray puppy that was trapped for two days on the outer slab of a rooftop terrace in central India was rescued by animal welfare volunteers.

The puppy was trapped in the River View residency in Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra state, reportedly from as early as February 27, until its rescue on February 29.

According to local resident Amol Male, who first informed the foundation about the pup: "We were hearing some sounds of wailing from February 27th, and on 28th also we heard sounds but could not locate where they were coming from.

"On 29th we finally located where the puppy was stuck. We immediately called the Thergaon Social Foundation for a rescue team. A six member rescue team reached the spot.

"One of the rescue team members, Vishnu, told us that first he tried to jump on the slab and pick the puppy to rescue him, but the puppy had become violent and tried to bite him.

"The rescuers then went on to the terrace and tried rescuing it with ropes and had to tie the rope around his leg and pull him up.

"The dog jumped away and ran towards the terrace door as soon as it pulled up. The rescue was took around an hour."