Lost train 'full of Nazi gold discovered' - but the finders aren't saying where

Gold bars (Fotolia)

Two men in Poland men claim to have found a train that's been missing for decades - and they're not telling anyone where it is.

Why? It's apparently crammed with Nazi gold and they want a piece of it.

The train is reportedly languishing somewhere in Lower Silesia, south-west Poland. The two men are refusing to reveal its exact location until they have been given a guarantee from authorities of a 10% 'finder's fee'.

Local news portal daminfo.pl reported that the men, from the town of Walbrzych, discovered the armoured German train and then sent a letter with their 'offer' to a lawyer's office. The lawyers have been working with town officials as they try to verify the claim.

In the Second World War, an area close to Walbrzych housed an enormous subterranean complex with an extensive system of tunnels. This was known as Project Riese (German for 'giant'). Although the purpose of Riese has never been definitively explained, some believe it was a headquarters for Hitler. Others think it was a secret network of underground factories for the arms industry, which had been forced below the surface due to an increase in Allied aerial bombings. Is the train connected to this, perhaps?

The reported discovery by the two men has led some to speculate that as well as gold, the train could also contain valuable raw materials or other stolen goods.

Info: dpa

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