Lotto 6/49: Check your ticket Ontario, you may be $10,000,000 richer

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If you played Lotto 6/49 in Ontario and haven’t checked your ticket, now might be a good time. There are several unknowing millionaires currently out there that have yet to come forward.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed this week that three people in the province won a substantial pot on Saturday’s draw.

An Encore ticket sold in Sudbury was the first draw, with the winning prize of $100,000, behind the numbers 4229032.

The next pot, worth $1 million on a Guaranteed ticket, was sold in Barrie. Its winning numbers were 46764837-01.

Finally, the main jackpot, which is worth an astounding $10,600,885.60, was sold to a lucky lotto player in Toronto. That person is certainly in for a life-changing surprise, after placing a bet with 11, 15, 19, 29, 41 and 49, to go along with the Bonus: 38.

Saturday’s draw was noteworthy because all the jackpot purses were awarded in that draw. That means, there won’t be any carry-over prices that will be put towards the next draw on September 14.

It’s been a huge summer for Ontario lotto winners. From the wife who one-upped her lotto winning husband on the same day, to the woman who bought her winning ticket while killing time, to the man who found a winning ticket in his cup holder, the province is proving to be the place for lucky, and surprising, lotto wins.

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