Lotto Win ‘Tore My Family Apart’ Says Winner Of £148m Jackpot

The woman who scooped a staggering £148 million jackpot in the EuroMillions draw has said that the huge win has caused her nothing but misery.

Gillian Bayford landed the fortune with husband Adrian in August 2012 and she gave her family £20 million soon after.

However, the 43-year-old - who split from her husband 15 months after their win - says her mum, dad and brother “disowned” her last May and they have not spoken since.

Mrs Bayford also claims that her “greedy” family still expect her to give them money whenever they need it, despite driving in expensive cars and living in plush houses.

Rift: Gillian Bayford claims her family no longer speak to her (Rex)

She told The Sun: “It’s upsetting and raw. The money was supposed to make everybody happy. But it’s made them demanding and greedy.

“They (my family) have lost touch with where they’ve come from.”

The multimillionaire - who is now engaged to car dealer Alan Warnock - claims that she paid off her family’s £700,000 debts whole also giving brother Colin £800,000 so he could set up a play centre.

However, Mrs Brayford now says that Colin, who reportedly drives an Audi S8 and lives in a five-bedroom £288,000 home - has stopped talking to her and has got married in secret.

Split: Gillian and husband Adrian ended their marriage 15 months after their Lotto win (Rex)

She added: “If they come back and knock at my door I won’t be bailing them out again.”

Colin refused to comment on her allegations but dad Ian described them as “nonsense”, adding: “We don’t want anything from Gillian. She’s given us too much.”

Mrs Bayford revealed that the family rift started because her parents were “embarrassed” by a story about her in the papers.

Ex-husband Adrian is planning to wed girlfriend Samantha Burbidge after the pair met in a pub.

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