Lotto winner Barbara Wragg who gave away most of her £7 million jackpot dies aged 77

Barbara and Ray Wragg won the National Lottery in 2000 (Picture: PA)

A lottery winner who gave away most of her £7 million jackpot winnings has died aged 77.

Barbara Wragg, from Sheffield, is believed to have died from sepsis after complications from surgery.

She and her husband Ray won £7.6 million on the National Lottery in 2000.

The couple decided to give £6 million of their winnings to charity – mostly to hospitals in Sheffield.

Mrs Wragg was a support worker at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and the couple donated money to Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the teenage cancer unit at Weston Park Hospital.

In 2009, Mrs Wragg said she and her husband – fans of football team Sheffield United – “got pleasure from giving money away”.

She said their winnings were “too much for two people”.


Mrs Wragg said: “You get a buzz. It’s probably a bit selfish giving money away sometimes because we did get pleasure from it.

“It’s like when you give somebody a Christmas present and you watch them open it and they think it’s absolutely wonderful.

Mrs Wragg has died aged 77 (Picture: PA)

“Well, when we’ve given people money we get that all the time.”

Mr Wragg said: “We’d like to say we made a lot of people happy with what we’ve been able to do to donate to a lot of charities.”

He said the lotto win “changed our lives but not our persons”.

As well as giving money to charities, the couple also shared their winnings with friends and family.

They also paid for 50 World War II veterans to visit Italy on the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino in 2004.