Louis Rees-Zammit's telling training ground moment spotted and hints at what's next for star

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Welsh rugby star Louis Rees-Zammit has been making bold strides in the NFL training circuit, seen receiving seasoned advice from Kansas City Chiefs stalwart Mecole Hardman.

Showing robust potential as the jack-of-all-trades for his team with his performance on punt and kick-off returns, Rees-Zammit is definitely turning heads during his training stints with the Chiefs. Noticed for his agility and pace, he's showcasing his skillset playing as both a running back and a wide receiver.

Initially marked as a running back, he's also honing his slot position skills by practising routes. His debut role looks inclined towards being a returner, which could potentially be his entry point into the 53-man list for Chiefs' rookie season.

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Hardman, who recently returned to the Chiefs, is expected to fill in larger shoes as a receiver, particularly with Rashee Rice serving a suspension. This development potentially opens up the playing field for Rees-Zammit to make his mark in the return game, given that he was spotted this week undergoing guidance from Hardman.

Keenly observing Rees-Zammit's rapid growth since joining the team earlier in March, the assistant head coach of Chiefs, Dave Toub, couldn't contain his excitement. Speaking of Rees-Zammit, he remarked: "He's done above and beyond what I've expected. He wants to be great and he's a great athlete," reports the Mirror.

While it's perceived that the chance of the 23-year-old Welshman making the Chiefs' final 53-man roster as a receiver or running back is a bit of a stretch, it's been suggested that securing a role on special teams could significantly enhance his prospects of making it onto the field in his debut year. Even if he doesn't make the cut come close of pre-season at the end of August, there's an agreement already in place for Rees-Zammit to remain with the Chiefs through their International Pathways Program.

Fellow team-mate and highly-regarded tight end Travis Kelce also shared his favourable impressions of Rees-Zammit's abilities.

Kelce himself has been mentoring the NFL newcomer over the past month, with words of advice grounded in his own experiences. On speaking to reporters, he recalled having cautioned Rees-Zammit, stating: "It's gonna be a humbling experience at first," before going on to add "it's not easy to just make that jump".

Adding further insight into the challenges faced, the star tight end remarked: "They're two completely different games," in reference to the stark contrast between rugby and American football. Yet he shows faith in Rees-Zammit's transferable skills, saying: "But he is an athlete, and that's what the Chiefs saw. He's a smart kid, a smart player, so he's going to be able to pick up the offense eventually, but it's going to be a tough few months for him here while he's getting acclimated to the NFL.

"We've been doing this since we were kids. We've been playing this game, so we just have those little instincts that we've built over the years that he has to start to catch up with. The biggest advice I gave him was just try not to let it overwhelm you as much as it can. Just know that everybody believes that you have the potential to be able to play. So just absorb as much as you can, learn as much as you can in the short time that you'll have before the season."