Louis Theroux Announces Two New BBC Documentaries Coming Later This Year

Louis Theroux – the provocative journalist and sophisticated filmmaker – is returning to BBC2 with two new documentaries, expected to air later this year.

The 45-year-old has previously covered everything from white supremacists to Thai brides, scientology and even the porn industry – and now he is set to add two very serious subject matters to the roster.


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The first documentary, Drinking to Oblivion, will focus on alcohol addiction. Theroux will visit King’s College Hospital in London and meet patients who are suffering from substance abuse, exploring the complex reasons that the patients are drinking themselves to death.

Keeping with a medical theme, the second documentary, Brain Injury, will look at the issues facing the one million Brits living with the long-term effects of brain injuries. Theroux will visit the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust and meet patients who are learning to walk, talk and eat again while redeveloping their personalities.


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Adam Barker, BBC Two Channel Editor, said: “BBC Two is delighted to welcome Louis Theroux back to the channel with a set of films covering British subjects with his usual penetrating documentary gaze and commitment to unpicking complex human dilemmas with highly sophisticated filmmaking.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

If you simply cannot get enough of Louis, then he will also be releasing his second documentary on Jimmy Savile this year, 16 years after the original BBC programme aired.

While ‘When Louis Met Jimmy’ showed a darker side of the presenter, it failed to uncover any of the sexual assault claims that surfaced in 2012. Now, Theroux will revisit the issue and speak to Savile’s friends, family and victims in an attempt to discover how he managed to keep his crimes hidden.

“I think none of us wants to believe that someone we know is a sex offender,” the bespectacled broadcaster told comedian Richard Herring on a podcast last year. “I knew when I was making it there was his sexual side that I had not fully understood.”