Louis Theroux's Murder in Milwaukee is a bleak watch

Susannah Alexander
Photo credit: Freddie Claire / BBC Pictures

From Digital Spy

Louis Theroux was back on our screens tonight with the final episode of his Dark States documentary strand, Murder in Milwaukee.

The episode saw Louis head to Milwaukee, where gun crime and murder are rife and the homicide rate is over 12 times the national average.

As well as following police officers, Louis spent time with a number of local residents who feel forced into keeping guns to defend themselves.

Photo credit: BBC

There were some incredibly shocking scenes in the episode, including footage of a murdered man lying in the street while his bereaved family were held back from touching him.

We were also introduced to a mother who keeps a shotgun by her side while she has a bath, who explained that children in her neighbourhood as young as seven years old know how to load a gun.

Viewers were horrified by some of the devastation shown: