Louis Theroux hilariously struggles to answer questions about himself on Mastermind

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 (Instagram / BBC)
(Instagram / BBC)

Louis Theroux was in awe of a Mastermind contestant who correctly answered obscure questions about himself and his work.

Contestant Laura Ellerton chose the documentarian as her specialist subject during a recent appearance on the BBC quiz show.

Theroux shared a clip of himself to Instagram, in which he attempts to answer those same questions. The documentary maker, however, did not fare as well as he thought.

“If I’m completely honest, I think I’m going to do really well on it,” said the 51-year-old at the beginning of the video. “I am Louis Theroux... so it would be pretty weird if I didn’t have a fairly good grasp of the content.”

Among other topics, questions from the round included details from Theroux’s Weird Weekends series, which ran from 1998 to 2000.

Theroux managed to give seven correct answers out of a possible 12.

“Those were hard questions. Those were tough,” he said.

Theroux went on to commend Ellerton – who managed six correct answers – for her “amazing knowledge” of his work, adding that he plans to send her a copy of his newly released book Theroux the Keyhole.

He said: “Can I just salute Laura? I thought she did amazingly well. Given that I have the advantage of having lived those documentaries, I was distressingly poor.”

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